Two hunters hurt in Iowa, after gun falls & discharges

Two hunters are recovering after they were accidentally shot by a member of their own hunting party last weekend in western Iowa.

Iowa Department of Natural Resources says a group of men and women had been hunting pheasants in southern Audubon County Saturday afternoon.   They took a break, and a weapon shotgun used by 56-year-old Arthur Goupille of Negaunee, Michigan, fell to the ground and discharged.

DNR Conservation Officer Jeremy King tells WHO Radio News two hunters, standing about six feet away were hit by pellets.  One hunter was hit in the arm, hand, and her lip.  The other was hit in the arm and just inches from his eye.   He says the shots had bounced off the ground, before striking the hunters, which reduced the severity of the injuries.

They were taken to Audubon County Hospital with non life-threatening injuries, were treated and released.

Officer King reminds hunters to use safe hunting practices, treat every firearm as if it is loaded and always keep the muzzle pointed in a safe direction.  He says if there's any part of the gun that is at risk of a malfunction, it  should be checked out by a gunsmith.

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