Wergin Good Farm Neighbor Award winners

The Wergin Good Farm Neighbor award recognizes Iowa livestock farmers who take pride in doing things right, and go above and beyond as environmental stewards and animal caretakers. It is an opportunity to tell the story of responsible livestock farming in Iowa, and highlight the families who make it so successful.

The award, presented by the Iowa Department of Agriculture and Land Stewardship and The Big Show Network, is made possible through the financial support of the Coalition to Support Iowa’s Farmers. It’s named in memory of NAFB Hall of Famer and long-time Big Show farm broadcaster Gary Wergin, who created the award.  To nominate a family for the Wergin Good Farm Neighbor award, fill out an application here.

Here are the winners so far and the county they are from:

May-03 Richard and Joyce Lynch Jones 

Jun-03 Dennis and Terri Schmitt Sac 

Jul-03 Mark and Steph Mendenhall Decatur 

Sep-03 Dave and Cheryl Kalsem Story 

Oct-03 Butch and Bonnie Sleezer Cherokee 

Nov-03 Rick and Michelle Meyer Hardin 

Jan-04 Dave and Diane Petty Hardin 

Mar-04 Lynn and Joy Smith Sac 

Apr-04 Flynn Brothers Story 

May-04 Ron and Wyoma Denney Cass

Jun-04 Dwight and Donna Mogler Lyon 

Jul-04 John and Sally Hoffman Linn 

Aug-04 Joe and Linda Scallon Hardin

Sep-04 Doug and Donna Vogel Lee 

Nov-04 Gary Wergin Family Polk 

Jan-05 Porter Brothers Jefferson 

Feb-05 Chris and Deloris Black Scott 

Mar-05 Jerry and Lori Wauters Tama 

Apr-05 Jed and Joyce Baker Howard 

May-05 Tom, Lynn and Ward Handorf Marshall 

Jun-05 John and Michelle Hooper Dallas 

Jul-05 Darrell and Bonnie Boot Marion 

Sep-05 Fred and Linda Cox Decatur 

Oct-05 Mike and Kathy Bravard Greene 

Nov-05 Jeff and Marlene Kiddoo Madison 

Jan-06 Dean and Mary Stocker Davis 

Mar-06 Dave and Nancy Eichelberger  

Henry Apr-06 Richard and Shirley Ide Union 

May-06 Dick and Leona Gholson Henry 

Jun-06 Nick and Sue Hunt  Cass 

Jul-06 Bill and Kathryn Bell Clarke 

Sep-06 Duane and Pat Sprouse  Keokuk 

Oct-06 Joe, Jerry and John Rash  Hardin 

Nov-06 Scott and Bev James Warren 

Mar-07 Steve and Angie Martens Madison 

Apr-07 Cliff and Carol Shudak  Pottawattamie 

May-07 Kevin and Terri Carstensen  

Sac Jun-07 David and Marilyn Spencer Madison 

Jul-07 Robert and Vicki Achen Henry 

Sep-07 Steve and LuAnn Swanson Keokuk 

Oct-07 Scott and Rita Jack  Poweshiek 

Nov-07 Merrell & Marie Mitchell Clarke 

Jan-08 Secor Family Webster 

Feb-08 Tom and Judy Barrett Dallas 

Mar-08 Bill and Nancy Couser Story 

Apr-08 Bill Secor Sr. & Family Webster 

May-08 Dennis & Kevin Jipsen Cass 

Jun-08 Gene and Ruth Bedwell  Clark 

Jul-08 Tanner, Laura, Justin and Corinne Rowe  Dallas 

Sep-08 Dan and Jana Dennison  Marion 

Oct-08 Rodney and Leann Sebert  Wright 

Nov-08 Bill and Colleen Sandquist Dallas 

Jan-09 Roger Zylstra Jasper 

Feb-09 Burt Farms Marshall 

Mar-09 Mike and Sara VerSteeg Lyon 

Apr-09 Joel & Karen Schuiteman Sioux 

May-09 Randy Christensen Greene 

Jun-09 Pam Larson Hamilton 

Jul-09 Chris and Amanda Standley Adams 

Sep-09 Kevin Larson Story 

Nov-09 Steve and Julie Karber Greene 

Dec-09 Steve and Jan Carlson Hamilton 

Jan-10 Myron Pingel and Family Cherokee

Feb-10 Craig Hill Family Warren 

Mar-10 Bary and Karen Fienast Carroll 

Apr-10 Chad & Jody VanRegenmorter Lyon 

Jun-10 Brad Harvey and Family Plymouth 

Jul-10 Wayne Hunerdosse & Family Warren 

Aug-10 Randy and LuAnn Lansing Dubuque 

Sep-10 Doug and Laurie Doran Boone 

Nov-10 Keith and Linda Troyer Washington 

Jan-11 Aaron and Trish Cook Buchanan 

Feb-11 Keith & Julie VanWaardhuizen Mahaska 

Mar-11 David Schmidt Muscatine 

May-11 Brian & Deb Sampson Story 

Jul-11 Randy & Deb Kroksh Plymouth 

Aug-11 Kent & Sandy Franks Fayette 

Nov-11 Steve&Colisa Kier BV 

Dec-12 Joe & Carol Patterson Polk 

Jan-12 Ryan & Lana Reed Wapello 

Feb-12 Kevin & Lynn Poen Calhoun 

Mar-12 Christensen Family Boone 

Apr-12 Barry Anderson Clay 

May-12 Mark and Nancy Buskhol Grundy 

Jun-12 Don and Pat Daufeldt  Muscatine 

Sep-12 Mike and Angie Marshall Wright 

Oct-12 Bruce & Jenny Wessling Greene 

Nov-12 Dennis & Barb Mashek Winneshiek 

Dec-12 Eric and Stacia Sanny Polk 

Jan-13 Jason & Sara Russell Linn 

Feb-13 Jay & Jeanne Hansen Black Hawk 

Mar-13 Kenny & Diane Cadden Poweshiek 

Apr-13 John Schulte Iowa 

May-13 Jim & Ann Werner Ringgold 

Jun-13 Roger & Amy Lansink Sac 

Jul-13 Rick & Page Mittness Wayne 

Sep-13 Kurt & Heather Hora Washington 

Oct-13 Bill & Bev Brauer Clinton 

Nov-13 Carroll & Judy Ose Hamilton 

Dec-13 Jim & Lynda Richards Warren 

Feb-14 Mark Hollingsworth Madison 

Mar-14 Terry Gleaves Pottawattamie 

Apr-14 Marty & Michael Burken Clinton 

May-14 Keith & Kendra Bunger Grundy 

Jun-14 Mark & Mary Currie Sac 

Jul-14 Brian & Eileen Hoefler Dubuque 

Jan-15Tom & Anita Wall Johnson 

Apr-15 Ricky & Mary Davis Wayne 

Jun-15 Pat & Marilyn O'Connell Delaware 

Aug-15 Mike Paustain Scott 

Sep-15 Don & Ron Hunerdosse Warren 

Oct-15 Curtin & Brenda Meier Page 

Feb-16 Dave & Angie Burmahl Jackson 

Mar-16 Todd & Denise Wiley Benton 

Jun-16 Dave & Sharee Green Dickinson 

Jun-16 Metzger Family Lyon 

Sep-16 Paul & Deleta Alexander Wayne 

Oct-16 Dave Struthers Story 

Jan-17 Swanson Brothers Montgomery 

Feb-17 Kurt & Cynthia Moffitt Warren 

Mar-17 Neil & Lisa Albertsen Wapello 

Apr-17 Don & Seth Newton Benton 

Apr-17 Tom & Tammy Vittetoe Washington 

May-17 Hunter Brothers Lucas 

Jun-17 Mark Wilcox Cherokee 

Aug-17 Tim Lupkes Clarke 

Aug-17 Norvel Mosher Marshall 

Sep-17 Rob & Jean Stout Washington 

Oct-17 Leon & Barb Sheets Chickasaw

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