Hatch Retires So...Senator Romney?

posted by Jeff Angelo - 

The longest-serving Republican in the US Senate, Orrin Hatch of Utah, has announced his retirement.  Mitt Romney has reportedly "told associates" (according to the New York Times) that he'll run for the seat.

There have been reports that President Trump had urged Hatch to run again because he didn't want Romney in the Senate -  as Romney has been a frequent critic of the President and President Trump could COUNT on the support of Hatch.   But those reports could have been overstating the situation as the President has met with Romney post-election and a supporter of Romney tells the Times that Romney will voice agreement with Trump when he can -  and disagreement when he must.

That sounds right.  I've met Mitt Romney on the campaign trial and he is deeply religious -  and ethical - man.   He's not the type to have a political "ax to grind."  He'll stay true to principle -  not team-playing.

I think the GOP needs to worry more that they will be seen as RECYCLING former candidates rather than surfacing the next generation.  That's a CURRENT problem for the Democrats.  LISTEN to this former Obama speechwriter LAUGH when asked which of the "current" crop of Democrats impress him.  The presidential field on the left features Joe Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders....

The GOP needs to get ahead of the Democratic curve and bring on the new stars.  

 THAT SAID, Mitt Romney is widely loved and respected in Utah and these are local races, so...bring on the Mittmentum!


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