Name The Blank Park Zoo Lion Cubs

posted by Jeff Angelo - 

Three lion cubs were born at Blank Park Zoo back in November.  

There are two females and one male.  And the Zoo wants you to vote on names.

Sure, you were going to suggest "Simba," but the Zoo anticipates being overwhelmed with obvious suggestions (Leo or, for the politically active, "Lion Ted") so they are providing you with limited choices.  They are:

Females:Asha (ah-sha): life

Amara (ah-mar-a): immortal

Safiya (sa-fee-ya): pure

Amani (ah-mon-ee): desires, wishes

Kali (kaw-lee): fierce, sharp



Jabari (ja-bar-ee): the brave one

Bontu (bon-too): happy

Noahli (no-ah-lee): rest, comfort

Voting will conclude on Tuesday, January 16 at noon. The names will be announced on January 19.

Vote here.


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