How About Daylight Saving Time Year-Round?

When I was in the Iowa legislature, I sponsored a resolution that called for Congress to eliminate the time change in Spring and Fall, and allow the nation to observe Daylight Saving Time year-round.

The resolution got very little attention from the media -  until it was time to spring forward.  The resolution gave the media a unique angle to report on the event.  Iowa television and radio stations polled Iowans over the change.

And Iowans HAD OPINIONS.   The media attention resulted in a deluge of phone calls, emails, and letters to legislators.  It was one of those surprise issues on which Iowans had strong views -  and the interactions between constituents and legislators got emotional!

The Senate ultimately passed the resolution, but the House immediately declined to take it up because of the unexpected controversy.

Although Iowa has not acted on my proposal since that time, another state may be ready to move.

Looks like the Sunshine State, Florida, is considering doing away with the whole spring ahead, fall back method of time.

Two new bills called "The Sunshine Protection Act" have been proposed that would allow Florida to keep Daylight Saving Time year round.

That means an extra hour of sunshine and an extra hour of possible revenue for business owners along the beaches in the state. It also would unify Florida in the eastern time zone. Some of the panhandle is in central time.

Do you think all states should keep daylight savings time year round? Could an extra hour of sunshine help your business?

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