How To Play The New "Cheaters Monopoly"

My morning co-host Bonnie Lucas loves Monopoly, but perhaps you've heard her tell the story of why she WON'T play it with her husband, Gene.  It almost caused them NOT to get married!  According to Bonnie, (I haven't gotten poor Gene's side of the story, yet), he bought up most of the properties are refused to sell to her.  Since they were playing with only two people, I am surprised they aren't STILL playing.

So I assume that Bonnie's sense of fair play will keep her from buying the new "Cheaters Edition" of Monopoly -  out this fall.

There's no banker.  Each player is the banker for his or her turn.  This is a great idea, as most players want to concentrate on strategy and NOT concentrate on giving Uncle Bill change for a hundred.

BUT...that means it's easier to cheat.  And you are encouraged to do so by the presence of "cheat cards" in addition to the normal Chance and Community Chest cards.

But if you are caught, the price is STEEP.

Players who successfully cheat are handsomely rewarded for their deceit, while those caught red-handed are penalized. One of the more severe penalties is going to jail, a remnant of the original game but with a twist: Attached to this board is a toy handcuff the offending player must wear.

Most families, like mine, always create their own rules for Monopoly, so I would immediately demand that the rest of the players yell "SHAME!" (ala Game Of Thrones) at the offending player.

Sounds like fun!

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