Photos and videos of outraged father going for Nassar

News reporters had their cameras and videos already recording in a Michigan courtroom this morning as the father of three of Nassar's sex assault victims lunged at the former doctor.  

Randall Margraves is quoted by reporters as yelling that he wanted "one minute with that b------!"

After two of his daughters spoke, Margraves, asked the judge to grant him “five minutes in a locked room with this demon.” Fox News reports. The judge denied the request, so the man asked for one minute and then lunged at Nassar.

"You know I can't do that," the judge told Margraves before he started running towards Nassar in the witness box.

Margraves was quickly tackled and arrested by police in the court room.

The judge originally allowed Margraves to address the court, but cut him off when he began to curse.

Nassar was convicted of abusing dozens of young women while they were competing on the USA Gymnastics Team.

The sentencing hearing was temporarily halted.

Videos quickly went viral on Twitter and YouTube as Americans shared the captured moment.

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