Wha?? Iowa Supreme Court Okays Sending Unwanted Naked Pics

C'mon man!

Or should I say, c'mon men.  Because if there were women on the Iowa Supreme Court, I don't believe this latest ruling happens.

The Iowa Supreme Court has ruled that text messaging a picture of your junk to another person- even if you are stalking a woman who has a restraining order - is not indecent exposure under state law.

"While we acknowledge that one can be offended by a sexually explicit image transmitted via text message, it is much easier to 'look away' from that image than it is to avoid an offensive in-person exposure," the court said.

This not only looks like a ruling written by an all-male court, but also by a court that doesn't understand how technologcan be utlilized to make another person miserable.

SO....friends in the Iowa legislature.   Before you adjourn, will you amend the definition of indecent exposure in state law to conform with the fact that we live in a techological age?

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