Woman runs over officer's foot to avoid car being towed

Dispatchers at the Des Moines Police Department heard an unusual request around 8:45pm Thursday night.  Traffic enforcement officer Debbie Garza radioed for a police officer at her location "because a lady just ran over my foot with her car."

That "lady" was 22 year old Shyla Chilous.  When Officer Garza first came up to the car noone was inside.  A check found that Chilous had outstanding parking tickets, and since she was a habitual violator her car would have to be towed.  

Chilous got in the car and tried to drive away but Officer Garza told her not to "go anywhere."  Chilous then left the vehicle and tried to flee on foot.  Police caught up to her near 2nd and Locust after she fell.  

Chilous has been charged with interference and leaving the scene of an accident.  Officer Garza's injuries were checked out and not believed to be serious.

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