President Trump Touts Approval Rating; Here's What Happens Next

Donald Trump Delivers Address To Joint Session Of Congress (Getty Images)

Although political campaigns use a lot of polling -  and I AM a former politician -  I definitely have ratcheted down mentions of polling on my show. 

A couple of reasons:  1) The public no longer believes polls after being told that Hillary Clinton had a 90% chance of winning the last election and 2) Most polls are taken nationally -  and we've learned that the states are SO different, it becomes irrelevant to Iowa.  

Still, the media likes creating its own news but polling, so we still get lots of polls.

President Trump on Twitter is celebrating his rising approval rating in the Rasmussen poll. (Although the story does call Rasmussen a "right-leaning poll," it was the second-most accurate poll in 2016).

You know what happens next:  an unnamed source will leak some damaging info about the President to offset the good news.  That's why "sources" are being viewed by the public just the same as polls:  skeptically or with outright rejection.

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