What I Believe About The "Dossier" Investigation

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We live in an age of relentless media bias, where almost every media outlet serves to confirm the previously-held ideological biases of its readers/listeners/viewers.  In regard to "the memo," this has NEVER been more on display.  But let me do a "Morpheus from The Matrix" imitation here:  what is I told you EVERYONE is a little bit correct?

Let's illustrate through the power of Twitter.

Let's not defend our government agencies in total here -  an investigation used opposition research funded by one Presidential candidate to advance an investigation against the opposing Presidential candidate.  Members of the investigatory team expressed a clear bias against the candidate being investigated.

It's possible the investigation began BEFORE the dossier AND it is true that a handful of bad actors have been caught.  BUT CNN is also as guilty as any media outlet of breathlessly reporting on the "Trump/collusion" story without giving equal consideration that this was simply a partisan narrative meant to undermine the Trump presidency.  There's no evidence that the Trump campaign actually worked with the Russians to tilt the election against Hillary.

It's possible that President Trump is frustrated because he KNOWS that the "Russian collusion" narrative is false;  even as it is ALSO true that members of his campaign may have acted badly in other ways (Manafort is accused of financial misdeeds).  And he is also frustrated that, given the absence of collusion, his opponents have turned to an "obstruction of justice" narrative over his firing of the FBI director.  Two responses to that:  1) He's the President, he can fire the FBI director and 2) Remember before the election when BOTH Republicans and Democrats wanted Comey fired over his handling of the Hillary/emails scandal?

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