Here's My Super Bowl Pick; What Is Yours?

I don't know what's more exciting for me about the Super Bowl:  unlimited access to Little Smokies OR the game itself!

I didn't watch the NFL during the regular season.  Yes, I know about the political controversies.  But my main reason is:  it's gotten boring.  I think the main problem being experienced by the NFL is that a superior product is on television each Saturday:  college football.  While regular season NFL action usually involves a bunch of time standing around determining what a catch is, college football has fun action, emotion, and general pageantry.

That said, I did tune into the NFL for the post-season, because that IS an emotional time.  And I'll watch the Super Bowl.

I pick the Eagles over the Patriots, 31-28.  I think the Eagles LOVE the underdog role and won't get flustered when Tom Brady does something spectacular (and he will).  I also think it will be high-scoring game not only because of the offenses -  the two DEFENSES finished in the top-five in scoring this year.

Who do you have?

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