Adrianne Branstad Was Today's "Designated Bonnie"

Our “Designated Bonnie” today was Adrianne Branstad.  She recently made a trip to China to visit her in-laws, including former Governor, now Ambassador Terry Branstad, and had some great stories. 

With the Winter Olympics starting tomorrow, I, (Van) reached back in the photo files and found the picture of Bonnie and me riding in the bobsled at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City a few years back. That was an unbelievable ride, including, when turning corners, gravity forces more than 5 times that of NASA liftoffs. 

And with Mark Allen asking whoever decided it would be a good thing to ski jump off a huge jump, I also found this picture of the Salt Lake City ski jump as I stood at the top and took the photo. The snow had not been put down yet.

Would you ski off this thing?  As for me, they couldn’t print enough money.

Tomorrow, our designated Bonnie is Gary Dolphin, the voice of the Iowa Hawkeyes. 

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