Girl Scout Sells Cookies At Pot Dispensary; How'd She Do?

Fox News reports a Girl Scout from San Diego sold more than 300 boxes of cooies after setting up near a marijuana dispensary.

Capitalism rewards ingenuity.  But in our politically correct times, we must discuss if she broke any rules.

...booth sales don’t officially commence until Feb. 9, but girls are allowed to walk “door to door” or do “walk-abouts” before then.

Will Senn, who founded Urbn Leaf, has defended the girl, and claimed that she was only passing by on her wagon — a statement that seems to contradict what her father had told (a local TV station).

To be fair, the San Diego Girl Scouts Council told the media that they assume good intent, meaning that rule breakers often were simply unaware of the rules.

And, in the long run, whether the girl gets a "slap on the wrist" or the Council takes no action, I am guessing this girl will have job offers aplenty as she gets older.

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