Mario Kart Coming To Smartphones; Productivity To Drop Exponentially

Mario Kart Tour

During the heavy snow on Monday in Des Moines, I tried to avoid "plow cam" on the Iowa DOT website;  my fellow employees in the office agreed that clicking to watch a mobile camera on an Iowa snow plow EASILY destroyed 30-minutes of productive time in the office.

And now this...Mario Kart is coming to smartphones.  Business Insider has some details:

"Mario Kart Tour" is a spin-off.

Like "Super Mario Run," it's likely that "Mario Kart Tour" will be pared down.

The game is slated to launch some time between April 2018 and March 2019.

"Mario Kart" is likely to come at a premium on smartphones.

Uh-oh...that "premium: word is a warning.  Remember the outrage when players could sample Super Mario Run for a very brief time then had to pay a hefty price to keep playing.  I think Nintendo was priming the pump for future "premium" priced Mario Kart Tour.

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