New memo links Trump-Russia accusations to Democratic Party MEMO HERE

WASHINGTON D.C. - An unredacted version of a memo written by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley of Iowa has been released. There is still some information blacked-out, but much less than the first release on Friday February 6.  

The memo is calling for criminal charges to be considered against a British Intelligence Officer, and outlines links to the Democratic National Committee and mentions the Clinton Presidential Campaign. 

Grassley, who is Chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, says Christopher Steele wrote a dossier for the law firm Fusion GPS, and was paid for by the Democratic National Committee as opposition research, but then was leaked to the press as well as to the FBI.

"Director Comey testified in 2017 that that dossier was salacious and unverified."  Grassley told the Senate in late January.  "So, it was a collection of unverified opposition research funded by an opponent in an election. year."  

The Steele Dossier accuses the Trump Campaign of colluding with Russia, but Grassley's memo says it is clear that Steele lied or misled the FBI.  

Read the entire unredacted Grassley memo here.  

The White House is reviewing a Democratic memo that challenges the Republican accusations of surveillance abuses in the FBI's Russia investigation.  

White House Chief of Staff John Kelly told reporters yesterday there might be some redactions to the Democratic memo.  

The White House is ordering the FBI and Department of Justice to make recommendations about the memo. 

Read the un-redacted Grassley memo here

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