Here's Why (And How Much) Your Paycheck May Go Up This Month

You've heard supporters of the tax reform passed by Congress brag that February would bring a pay increase for American workers.

As the Internal Revenue Service implements the new tax plan, people could see a bump in their paychecks soon.

Payroll service ADP crunched the numbers.

A single filer making $57,000 a year, and taking one withholding allowance, could see a $60 increase in each monthly check.

A single filer making $162,000 a year can expect to see about $190 more.

Married workers who file jointly can also expect an increase in monthly checks.

Joint filers who get paid every two weeks making $61,000 a year, could see a $40 increase each pay period.

This is why you've heard me say on the radio program that tax cuts (and tax INCREASES) are topics that politicians CAN'T spin.  You either have more money or you don't.  And maybe, like Nancy Pelosi,  you think your pay increase is "crumbs," OR you may already have plans for the money.

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