24-Hour IKEA Hiding Challenge: Real Or Imagined?

On the heels of the Tide pod challenge, Authorities are warning against another Internet craze:   the 24-hour IKEA hiding challenge.

The warning comes after an incident in England in which a boy went missing for a day.

Police launched a major operation to locate a missing 11-year-old who was found hiding in an Ikea store after he took part in an internet challenge which encourages children to go missing for 24 hours.

He was found in IKEA, when staff opened the business for the following morning, Kaden was proud of himself and claimed that he had been taking part in an internet challenege called “Stay Inside IKEA Overnight and Not Be Discovered.”

But notice that later in the article, the IKEA hiding challenge is branded as a "craze sweeping social media."

Are you like me in wondering what constitutes a "craze?"  People can TALK about things on social media endlessly.  Challenges can be issued constantly.  But do you notice in many of these articles, it is not confirmed just how MANY people are taking the challenge?

Is it a craze or just something that is interesting to discuss while very few people actually TAKE the challenge.  Do we actually NEED to be warned?  I'd like to believe that most people don't take these challenges and we don't actually need a warning against many of these "challenges."

What's the next headline?  "Mom warns you not to take the "jump-off-a-cliff-because-your-friends-did-it" challenge?

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