Here's How Much President Trump's Military Parade Would Cost

donald trump flag parade france paris

President Trump is looking into a military parade after he was impressed by a parade he witnessed in France last year.

Trump was French President Emmanuel Macron's guest on Bastille Day last year, and later called the French military parade he witnessed "one of the greatest parades" he had ever seen.

According to budget director Mick Mulvaney, estimates for a potential military parade show it could cost between $10 million and $30 million.

The wide range figure is because parades of different lengths and equipment would carry different price tags.

The parade is not included in the administration's budget, however, Mulvaney says if the administration decides to go forward with it, the Office of Management and Budget would study the costs.

Iowa Senator Charles Grassley has his doubts about the idea.

“I would have my doubts about doing it. I think most military parades would be connected with some major ending of a conflict the United States is in, and a kind of a celebration, rather than a showplace,” Grassley said.

Though I am not as scornful of the idea as some of the President's opponents, I think we've got plenty of great parades honoring our military across the country currently -  my favorite is the yearly parade honoring our veterans at the Iowa State Fair.

What do you think?

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