McDonald's Removes Cheeseburgers From Happy Meals

McDonald's will change the Happy Meal in an attempt to make it healthy.

Is that possible?

By June 2018, all of its U.S. Happy Meals will contain less than 600 calories — and most will contain less than 650 milligrams of salt. The chain is shrinking the size of the fries that come with kids’ McChicken Nuggets and reformulating its chocolate milk to make it less sugary.

Bottled water will soon become a default Happy Meal option. Cheeseburgers will drop off entirely. The chain has also promised to continue promoting fresh fruits and vegetables as a Happy Meal side, building on the success of its baby carrots and “Cutie” tangerines.

Taken together, the changes do not transform burgers or chicken nuggets into health foods. But McDonald’s and public health experts who have reviewed the chain’s plans say they have the potential to incrementally improve the diets of millions of children.

I suppose if this draws more parents to McDonald's, good for the company.  BUT -  does anyone ever TRULY go to McDonald's to eat healthy?  I think it's best if a parent views it as a once-in-a-while treat.

But I did, at one time, go to church with parents who took their kids to McDonald's EVERY DAY.  I am not exaggerating.  THAT is an extreme example of the problem.  How often do families eat at McDonald's?

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