I'm Excited About "Black Panther" And The World Is With Me!

I LOVE superhero movies.  Well, to be precise, Marvel superhero movies.  I think MOST DC movies lack the humor and flair of Marvel movies.

But I must admit a pre-existing bias in favor of Marvel.  When I was a  young kid, my mom provided daycare for the children of a comic book collector.  He wasn't one of those collectors who wrapped his comics and didn't touch them.  He brought me a packing box FULL of comic books each week.

I read them all and returned them.  I still partially credit my love of reading to him.  

They were Marvel comics.  For Christmas, he gave me a year's subscription to Fantastic Four -  still among my favorite superheroes (SpiderMan is my favorite).

I love the backstory of Black Panther and the trailers have been loaded with eye-popping action sequences.  So I am not surprised that the movie had blockbuster opening day figures and is projected to take in nearly $200 million in its opening weekend.

The movie is also on the verge of being the best-reviewed superhero film on Rotten Tomatoes ever.

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