Students say Des Moines substitute teacher shoved kids

Photo by WHO TV

DES MOINES, Iowa  --  "I don't care how agitating kids are, we don't put our hands on them," said Jennifer Thompson, a mother of two students that go to Hiatt Middle School, who is furious about the alleged actions of a substitute teacher at school on Thursday.  

"There were reports of him shoving students into desks and lockers, and my daughter happened to be friends with one of the girls that was shoved into a desk." Thompson tells WHO TV News.

Thompson is not happy with the way the school handled the situation.

"They didn't bother to call anybody and tell us, like they normally send out massive text messages for weather, but they can't send out a text message telling us that there was a disturbance at school?" said Thompson. "They sent home some cheesy letter and expect that to be okay."

That letter, signed by Principal Deborah Chapman, said, in part:

"Dear Hiatt Families,

Today, we had a new substitute teacher in our building who was clearly not ready to be in a middle school classroom...During third period, students began to report physical confrontations with this substitute. The substitute was escorted to the office and, after a brief discussion, was immediately escorted out of the building."

Meanwhile, Thompson is ready to pull her kids from Hiatt and homeschool them, saying, "They don't deserve this treatment, not from staff, not from other students. They deserve to feel safe."

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