Iowa gun control rant gets 3.6 million views VIDEO

Click here for Rich Rosendahl's Facebook Live video

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Facebook rant by an Iowa man has gone viral after he tried to buy a semi-automatic rifle at a Des Moines gun store Friday.

Rich Rosendahl's video has had more than 3.6 million views (updated 2/19 12pm) since he posted it Friday.

He says the gun store is five minutes away from his children's school, and he drives past it every day taking his children to school.  

An AR-15 is the weapon that was used to kill 17 people the Florida school shooting last week.  More than a dozen more were injured.Marches and rallies are planned around the nation today demanding gun control.

Click here for Rosendahl's original Facebook Live video

Students evacuated from Florida school after shooting Wednesday.

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