Lindsey Vonn Fires Back At "Bullies"

Olympic skier Linsdey Vonn is not worried about the social media hate she gets for her politics. 

Vonn has criticized President Trump and said that she wouldn't visit the White House if invited.  

Lots of Trump supporters then taunted Vonn after she failed to medal with a sixth-place finish.  Vonn says she won't back down from her beliefs, saying "That's what bullies want you to do."

This latest controversy follows another Olympian taking shots at VP Mike Pence and a big verbal feud between Fox host Laura Ingraham and Lebron James.

So should athletes just shut up and play?

I say, no.  My program celebrates open debate in a country blessed with free speech.  American citizens should feel free to speak their minds at anytime, regardless of what they do for a living.

That said, do I understand why Donald Trump supporters are so defensive?  Yes -  I've said that the comments that the speech that ended Hillary Clinton's chance for the Presidency was her "deplorables" speech.  She may tried to hedge on HOW MANY of Trump's supporters were deplorable -  but many Americans saw that as confirmation that a lot of the political and media communities hold most Americans in contempt. 

When a public figure goes after President Trump, many Trump supporters view the rhetoric as an attack on THEM.  And in many instances, THEY'RE RIGHT.

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