What does it take to get a perfect score on your ACT's???

Aarushi Dervesh and Varun Myneni of Valley High School joined us in the studio this morning.  They were 2 out of 5 students at Valley to achieve a perfect 36 score on their ACT's!  Did they study or does it just come naturally to them?  Find out by listening to their interview with Van and Bonnie here.... 

Tomorrow on Van and Bonnie, Gary Slater of the Iowa State Fair will give us an update on what's going on with the Fair....and Coach Dixie Wooten of the Iowa Barnstormers will join us in the studio...the first Iowa Barnstormer's game is this Sunday afternoon with arch-rival Green Bay!  Plus, it's Friday, so we'll have the Friday Morning News Quiz!

Jeriann is calling for more bands of snow this afternoon, possibly mixed with freezing rain, turning to all freezing rain after 6PM and continuing until midnight....possibly one to two tenths of an inch of ice.  Drive carefully and we'll talk tomorrow morning!



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