Amazon Plans To Open MORE Cashierless Stores

A new report says Amazon is planning to open six more of it's "just walk out" grocery stores in two cities this year.

The "Amazon Go" concept involves customers scanning a code on their phone, walking in to grab groceries, then walking out and being charged on their phone.

Think about the "self-serve" evolution.  In high school, I worked at a gas station at which *I* pumped your gas (whatta concept!).  We have got self check-out lines.  In France, I ordered at a McDonald's from a kiosk -  there were NO employees behind a counter to take my order.  (In Iowa, many McDonald's now allow a choice of ordering at the counter, from the kiosk, or through an app).

Had this self-service concept been suddenly foisted on us, I doubt we'd be comfortable with it.  But this now just seems like a natural evolution.

My big question:  my wife usually sends me to the store with a list that contains ONE item that I've never before purchased.  (I think she does it on purpose).  I almost always need to ask for help.  I guess I'd be out of luck at "Amazon Go."  Unless the app features a grocery item GPS locator...

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