"Confederate" Flag In Seattle Turns Out To Be Flag Of Norway

Seattle-based best-selling author Rebecca Morris complained to her local newspaper when her neighbor suddenly began flying a "Confederate" flag.  

The newspaper investigated and found:  the flag of Norway flying near the author's house.

You can probably guess why it went up:

When The Times drove out to investigate the matter, they knocked on the door of homeowner Darold Norman Stangeland who explained to them that he had been flying the flag of Norway since the Olympics had opened, a symbol of pride for an American of Norwegian descent. 

Morris says she didn't look hard enough BUT actually follows-up with a more honest answer for her mistake:

"We're so stressed by all things political that we see things that aren't there."

This sounds like a particular stress on the LIBERAL side of the equation.  Remember when we talked about how differently the parties view racism in this country?

A Pew Research Center poll conducted last August, for example, found that 95 percent of black Democrats and 73 percent of white Democrats agreed with the idea that “white people benefit from advantages in society that black people do not have.” In contrast, just 23 percent of white Republicans agreed with this idea, while 76 percent disagreed.

Liberals see racism as constant and ever-present in today's America.

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