Home fix-up scams top list of Iowa consumer gripes

(DES MOINES, Iowa)   Iowa's Consumer Protection Division has released it's list of "top scams" of 2017.

Topping the list:   Home improvement troubles, followed by imposter scams- such as those that happen over the phone or email.

The division took in nearly 3,000 written complaints last year, and of those 224 were related to home improvements.   They tell WHO Radio News thousands more consumers contacted the Consumer Protection Office to report the scams, but did not file complaints.

2017 Top Ten Consumer Protection DIvision Complaints:

Category                                                   Complaints             

1. Home improvements                                    224

2. Imposter scams                                             161

3. Internet service providers and bundles      136

4. Payday loans                                                 127

5. Motor vehicle credit                                     122

6. Cell phones                                                   120

7. Auto repairs                                                  107

8. Debt collection                                              103

9. Insurance                                                       102

10. Used vehicle sales practices                       100

Total written consumer complaints:               2,961

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