Stay Calm: McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Is Back!

McDonald's Same Store Sales Up 7.1 Percent In January

McDonald's limited-release Szechuan sauce -- so popular it caused riots when it ran out -- has returned.

The sauce was originally a limited-time promotional tie-in for the movie "Mulan." The animated series "Rick and Morty" features a character who fawns over the condiment, which led to a petition for the MickeyD's to bring it back.

Companies love a good social media moment - especially one that appeals to young people - so the restaurant back for one day.


The restaurant badly underestimated demand - leading to a social media nightmare and yes, riots in which police need to be called.

McDonald's hopes the 20 MILLION packets it has shipped -  16 packets for every one American -  will make things right.

How much do YOU love Szechuan sauce?

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