Scammers Again Target MidAmerican Energy Customers

Residential and commercial customers of MidAmerican Energy today report receiving calls from imposters demanding immediate payment on behalf of MidAmerican Energy.

Imposter scam callers threaten to shut off power unless the customer makes an immediate payment over the phone with a prepaid debit card.

Scammers are persistent and aggressive and can:

· Spoof caller-ID to make the call appear as if it is coming from the utility or any number.

· Require customers to make an immediate payment using a prepaid card (such as a Green Dot card).

· Threaten disconnection if the customer doesn’t pay immediately over the phone.

Customers who receive a suspicious call should hang up, and report it to their local police department or sheriff’s office. MidAmerican does not call customers demanding immediate payment by phone.

Once you’ve reported the call to law enforcement, report it to MidAmerican Energy at the number on your monthly utility bill, or call 888-427-5632. Don’t call the number that appears on your caller-ID display.

To check your billing status, call MidAmerican. Or, access your billing records online through My Account on the company’s website at

Protecting customers from scams is a top priority for MidAmerican Energy. Customers behind on payments will receive several written notifications by mail and delivered to the residence or business location. Utility disconnection is a last resort, not a first step in the process.

Customers should follow these steps to stay safe:

· Don’t pay immediately by phone, especially if you did not initiate the call.

· Remember, MidAmerican Energy accepts many forms of payment, but won’t demand a specific payment method by phone.

· Never give out personal or financial information when someone calls you. Do not share credit card, bank, prepaid money card or even gift card account numbers when you receive a call. For more information, click here. The Consumer Protection Division of the Iowa Attorney General’s office has also set up a utility scam recording – call 515-281-5926.

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