Family Of Florida Shooting Survivor Receiving Death Threats

The family of Florida shooting survivor David Hogg has been receiving death threats because of his outspoken advocacy for gun control following the Valentine's Day shooting at his high school that left 17 people dead. 

According to TMZ, Hogg's mother Rebecca has been in contact with the FBI about threats made against her family. In one Facebook comment warned her that "your whole family is exposed" and said that David's upcoming birthday "will be an interesting event." 

Another disgusting comment said that Rebecca "should have had an abortion" and that she should "Drive the whole family over a cliff."

They also reported the post to Facebook and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police because the Facebook user's profile said he was from Canada. 

Rebecca told TMZ that the family understands people will disagree with their beliefs on gun control, but they have no right to threaten their lives over it. 

The FBI confirmed they received the complaint but did not release any further details. 

Photo: Getty Images


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