Des Moines cat hoarding case clean-up continues

(DES MOINES, Iowa)   The Animal Rescue League of Iowa says it could be several more days, before crews will be able to clear out the rest of an apparent cat hoard on the Des Moines' east side.    

Crews were called to a home in the 800 block of East Morton this week, because of a strong odor. Staffers say they could smell the odor from the street when they arrived.   Inside they found dozens of cats and a large amount of animal waste and trash throughout the  home.  Dozens of cats were caught right away, others are described as skittish and hiding in vents and throughout a large amount of junk.  Crews say they're allowing the cats to calm down and come out on their own, which might not happen until next week.

Josh Colvin of the ARL tells WHO Radio News he suspects the conditions at the home had been getting worse for years.  He encourages neighbors who suspect an animal hoarding case to contact them as soon as possible, because of the potential for the hoard to quickly grow larger over a fairly short period of time.

Colvin says the cats from this case seem to be okay, but staffers will be watching for respiratory problems due to cats' living conditions.   He says many of the cats may eventually go up for  adoption.    No word on any charges in the case.

Twenty-seven cats and kittens have been seized so far, as well as 9 deceased cats.   The house has been condemned. 

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