Have You Seen This? Gigantic Dinosaur Footprints Found in Scotland

We know a lot about dinosaurs considering the last ones went extinct about 65 million years ago. But a big reason we know so much is the fossils and footprints that were left behind by these large and unique creatures.

There have been dinosaur footprints found at all seven continents, including even Antarctica, and several different types of dinos have been identified.

Now in the country of Scotland, and more specifically the Isle of Skye, scientists believe they have found some of the largest footprints ever found. The creature in question is the sauropod, a long neck group of dinosaurs that include the brontosaurus.

The sauropods existed in the Middle Jurassic Period, a greatly unknown era that spanned from 164 million years ago to 174 million years ago. Not many fossils from the period have been uncovered.

The Isle of Skye also has some footprints of three-toed theropods, older relatives of the T-Rex.

The findings were collected and released Monday in the Scottish Journal of Geology. 

You can bet that more archaeologists will trek to the Isle of Skye in Scotland to view the footprints and learn more about these creatures and the Middle Jurassic Period in the near future.

The video above is from Bloomberg. You can hear our conversation about the findings below as heard on "Have You Seen This?" on Van and Bonnie in the Morning.


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