Pinky the Pit Bull wins challenge to Des Moines pit law

Pinky the Pit Bull photo by WHO TV

DES MOINES, Iowa - Every dog has his day, and Wednesday was Pinky the Pit Bull's day, in court.

The dog was impounded by Des Moines Police after attacking a neighbor's cat in 2016.  Pinky was determined to be a dangerous animal by Des Moines City Law and was to be destroyed. 

But, Pinky became a cause celeb as opponents of Des Moines' tough pit bull ordinance got involved. 

The case has wound its way through hearings for two years, and now the Iowa Court of Appeals has sided with Pinky's defenders, ordering the dog to be returned to its owners.  The Court ruled Des Moines' Pit Bull law is too vague.  Read the court ruling here.

Pinky the Pit Bull has been cared for by the Animal Rescue League, and allowed time outdoors, in confinement since 2016 pending the outcome of the legal challenges.

The only option left for the City of Des Moines, now, is to take the case to the Iowa Supreme Court.

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