The Masters and Bud Light Go Head to Head

The Masters starts Thursday morning and maintains one of the most historic and classy atmospheres in sports today.

To keep this type of air around the most famous golf tournament of the year, Augusta National - the course where the tournament is played - has banned patrons from saying "Dilly Dilly."

If you are unaware of what "Dilly Dilly" means, it is a medieval-themed campaign from Bud Light that has taken on a near-cult following. 

Augusta National has stated that anyone who says "Dilly Dilly" while on the grounds of the course will be removed immediately.

As a response, Bud Light sent out a hole-in-one level tweet:

Instead of hearing "Dilly Dilly," now the folks at Augusta National will likely see some people wearing "Dilly Dilly."

The Masters is historically snobby and that is part of the charm for those who love golf. But there's no doubt that Bud Light came out on top in this sparring match over the phrase.

Listen to our whole "Have You Seen This?" segment below!

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