Trying to get the attention of the EPA

The National Corn Growers Association along with state corn grower associations, sent a letter to EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt on the small refinery exemptions being granted, allowing refineries to avoid meeting their RFS volume obligations.

“EPA continues to take actions that undermine the RFS and contradict President Trump’s commitments to America’s corn farmers. EPA is clearly overstepping its bounds, and we ask Administrator Pruitt to stop granting these waivers and damaging the RFS behind closed doors.   Kevin joins The Big Show to further explain:

He continues, “Yesterday, EPA reportedly granted exemptions to one of the nation’s largest refiners, Andeavor, which posted net profits of $1.5 billion in 2017. This improper application of the small refinery hardship exemption is yet another example of EPA actions that destroy demand for ethanol and corn.

“EPA reportedly has more than 30 petitions under consideration, and up to 25 waivers may have been handed out in secrecy last year. Granting this number of exemptions would remove a significant amount of renewable fuel gallons from the RFS volume requirement. This would have a direct impact on corn demand and corn prices at a time when net farm income has already decreased more than 50 percent over the past four years.

“EPA needs to stop granting these waivers and fully weigh the impact of these decisions on rural communities and America’s corn farmers.”

Growth Energy CEO Emily Skor also issuing a statement on the approval of a consent agreement approved by a Bankruptcy court between that refiner which went belly up in Philadelphia and the EPA allowing RIN waivers.  She says it "will give the Carlyle Group a free pass for skirting the law, even after they neglected the refinery while pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars in cash payouts.”

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