Trading Spaces Is Back! Hello Again Paige Davis!

As you might imagine, I spend hours and hours each day delving into serious news in order to present the program known as "Need To Know With Jeff Angelo" on WHO Radio each day.  So when my mind needs a break, where do I go?

Long-time listeners know that ONE of my escapes is HGTV.  My favorite "reno show" is "Fixer Upper" but I will also watch people pick out new homes or tiny homes as well.

My love for these type of shows began over a decade ago with "Trading Spaces."  Each episode featured neighbors working with a professional designer and carpenter to redecorate a room in each others’ home.

The most appealing parts of the show:  the cast (this is where America falls in love with Paige Davis and Ty Pennington) and the reaction of the neighbors at the end of each show.

Well, it turns out that I am not the ONLY one whose appetite for home-theme shows was whetted by "Trading Spaces."  It returns on its original channel, TLC, this weekend.  This show REALLY DID predict the future of success of channels focussing on home buying and home improvement.

Since we're apparently going to have a final weekend of winter weather in Iowa, I can promise you that Tradiing Spaces, along with Cardinals baseball and The Masters, will be part of a TV-viewing marathon in the Angelo hacienda this weekend.

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