Des Moines City Council back at City Hall

It was a little different for members of the Des Moines City Council Monday afternoon.  

Monday was the grand opening of the newly-remodeled City Hall, and the first meeting the council has held in their council chambers in a number of months.

An expensive renovation project for City Hall has been in the works since 2016, when they moved the council to the city services center southeast of downtown Des Moines.  The pricetag isn't finalized, but it was expected to be around $5.5 million.

Mayor Frank Cownie pointed out some of the changes they're facing in the new building.  He told council members that they have to manually turn their microphones on in City Hall...they just "magically" turned on when council members were speaking when the council met in the city services center.  

The council meeting was preceded by a grand reopening ceremony from 2pm to 4pm Monday.  

City offices have been in the process of moving into their new offices for several weeks.

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