Will South Carolina Secede Over Gun Laws?

Is South Carolina looking to start a second civil war, this time over gun laws?

Three Republicans in the state's House of Representatives have introduced a bill to allow debate on secession from the United States if "legally purchased firearms" are ever confiscated. 

According to Fox News, "the bill is unlikely to pass this year", but lead sponsor Rep. Mike Pitts says he concerned over what he believes are increasing efforts to curtail Second Amendment rights.

Calls for secession are nothing new in the Palmetto state. South Carolina was the first state to secede the Union before the Civil war in 1860 over "increasing hostility on the part of the non-slaveholding States to the Institution of Slavery."

Meanwhile in California, a movement in support of intra-state secession—a section of a state splitting off to form its own state—has been growing in popularity.

Anti-Trumpers in California -  where Hillary Clinton won 61 percent of the vote -  are ALSO talking sucession from the United States.

I think sucession talk is ridiculous -  this is a country where we work hard to influence policy by electing people who represent our views on the issues.  And you know what -  SOMETIMES you lose.  You don't take your marbles and go home.  You work toward the next election.

So what say you?  Is sucession a viable option for states that don't like what's going on federally?

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