Bullish report

Here are the USDA soybean estimates from the Supply and Demand report:

 US soybean carryout near 550 vs 555. They lower residual and seed and raised crush

Lowered US biodiesel use 200 mil lbs and raised soymeal exports 100 tsts

Estimated US corn carryout near 2,182. Theis due to lower feed and residual

Estimated US wheat carryout near 1.064. This due to lower feed use

Estimated Argentina soybean crop at 33 mmt vs 36 and soybean 40 vs 47

Estimated Brazil corn crop near 92 vs 94.5 and soybeans 115 vs 113

May 10th is the next key day, World Supply and Demand report and Winter Wheat Crop estimates.

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