Des Moines pizza delivery guy saves the day

Photo by permission Terry Presley

DES MOINES, Iowa - A Des Moines pizza delivery driver might just keep a superhero cape in the back seat of his delivery car.

On Sunday night, the Domino's driver called 911 to get help for a woman who was hit by a car, and then tracked the suspect who left the scene until police could respond.

The play-by-play from the driver to the 911 operator went street-by-street and turn-by-turn for several minutes, until a police officer caught up.

Des Moines Police tell WHO Radio News that 18-year-old Stefano Olivares was arrested for OWI with a blood alcohol of .184, and also charged with leaving the scene of an injury accident.

The woman who was hit is identified as 20-year-old Devin Day.  Her condition was not released.

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