How Will Russia Respond When The US Attacks Syria?

US fighter jet syria

I've made it clear on the radio show that it is not a matter of IF the US attacks Syria, it's a matter of WHEN the US attacks Syria.  President Trump has made it clear through his words to the press and Twitter that an attack is coming.

What could that strike mean when it comes to the United States' relationship with Russia? 

A Russian diplomat is warning that U.S. missiles would be shot down and their launch sites targeted if Trump follows through with his announced intentions.

Trump's recent comments follow an alleged chemical attack on a rebel enclave near Damascus over the weekend. 

Russian Ambassador  Alexander Zasypkin, warned that American military assets would be targeted in the event of a strike against Syria.

How dangerous could this situation become if the Russians strike American military targets? How would President Trump respond to such a provocation?

You've been texting and calling me with concerns about an American military strike.  While it is important for the US to stand strong in the world, some listeners point out that Russia has nuclear weapons and wonder how much escalation will occur between the US and Russia.

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