So what went on during Gov. Reynolds meeting with the President?

Well she discussed things this afternoon, with the big news being it looks like E-15 will be allowed to be sold year-round at some point and the reconsideration of TPP.  Here's the text of her statement:

“I want to thank the president for a productive meeting on agriculture and trade. He understands that for our farmers to be successful, we need to grow - not contract - our markets.

“In addition to discussing trade with China, we emphasized the importance of finalizing NAFTA negotiations, expanding the use of E15 year-round and reconsidering the TPP.

“The president listened to our concerns, said that he is determined to resolve the dispute with China, said that he intends to expand E15 and ordered his top advisors to study the possibility of reentering the TPP.

“I appreciate the opportunity to meet with the president, as well as his administration’s continued commitment to partner with states and listen to their concerns.”

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