Two Iowans behind blockbuster horror movie

(Photos from University of Iowa)

(IOWA CITY, Iowa)  If you like really scary movies, you'll probably like The Quiet Place.  The block-buster movie, written by two guys who started making movies when they were kids in Bettendorf, is enjoying huge success at the box-office, earning more than $60 million dollars in U-S.  Forbes Magazine is reporting that earnings for the horror film will likely surpass $100 million once the film debuts in China.

The film is about a family who must live in complete silence, to avoid creatures who hunt by sound.

Bryan Woods and Scott Beck, during an interview with the University of Iowa said they got the idea for the thriller, while they were students taking a class in non-verbal communication.  The two graduated from Iowa in 2007. 

They another screenplay called "Haunt" which is currently in post-production, and may hit theaters later this year.

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