Iowa teachers getting foreign policy lesson

(GRINNELL, Iowa)     Middle and High School teachers from 18-Iowa school districts are getting a foreign policy lesson today (Friday) at Grinnell College.   The Council on Foreign Relations,  an east-coast "think-tank," is hosting a workshop which aims to encourage teachers to include foreign policy in their classrooms.

Dan Kurtz-Phelan, author of "The China Mission,"  will be among the speakers.  He says teachers can make foreign policy more interesting to young students,  by using "story-telling" methods.

"If it's a story of human beings trying to build relationships and take on challenges even, our complex foreign policy problems come accross in a diffdrent way," said Kurtz-Phelan.

"The China Mission," is about U-S General George Marshall going to China after World War II, to build the foundation for the  relationship between the  two countries.

The Council on Foreign Relations offers programming and free online resources to educators.

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