"Genious Foods" that make you smarter & happier!!!

We'll be talking about this on Tuesday morning on Van and Bonnie

There are certain foods that can affect brain function...and can make you "smarter, happier and more productive.  

Egg Yokes - whole eggs are on of the most nutritious foods you can consume.  It's the yolks that contain lutein and zeaxanthin which protect the brain and improve neural processing

Dark leafy greens - reasearch shows thate 3 cups of dark leafy greens per day, the equivalent of a large salad, is related to up to 11 years of reduced brain aging.

Extra virgin olive oil - research shows people who eat a Mediterranean diet have a lower rate of Alzheimer's which could be thanks to all of the olive oil which protects the brain and fights inflammation.

Avocados - An "all in one genius food" - the perfect food to protect and enhance your brain.


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