Snow prediction lowered for Des Moines today MAP

DES MOINES, Iowa - The Des Moines area may get off easier than first thought from this latest Iowa spring snow storm, with a revised prediction of maybe an inch or in and a half of snow today.

In Northern Iowa it's another story, with 8-10 inches of snow expected from North Central to Northwest Iowa before it's over.

"We're looking at the possibility of from eight to ten inches including the Mason City and Algona areas."  Meteorologist Alex Krull with the National Weather Service tells WHO Radio News.

He says the I-80 corridor should have good driving conditions today, but the northern stretch of I-35 is already being impacted by the snow and blowing snow.

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Map below Iowa State University Mesonet Snowfall totals at 12:50 p.m. Click on map for current totals.

Iowa State University Mesonet Snowfall totals 12:50 p.m. CLICK MAP TO FOR CURRENT

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