Andrew McCabe: Criminal Referral Sent To Prosecutor

Fox News has confirmed through a source that the Justice Department’s internal watchdog has sent a criminal referral for fired FBI official Andrew McCabe to the U.S. attorney’s office in Washington.

A recent DOJ inspector general report that found McCabe leaked a story to the media and later lied about it to then-Director James Comey and federal investigators.

The story, leaked to the Wall Street Journal in October 2016, was meant to make McCabe look good.  The story said a senior Justice Department official expressed displeasure to McCabe that FBI agents were still looking into the Clinton Foundation, and McCabe had defended the agents.  The leak confirmed the existence of an investigation into the Foundation against Comey's wishes.

Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report said McCabe authorized the leak and then misled investigators about it.  Republicans who backed the referral allege that McCabe lied under oath.

Two thoughts:

1)  The politicization of our executive branches agencies against President Trump before and after his election must be exposed by Republicans and, when appropriate, prosecuted and

2)  This referral actually has political implications -  remember when McCabe was fired and anti-Trump Democrats offered him a job so he could get his full pension?  THAT'S big-time fodder for a campaign ad!

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