Planting the...errr PREPARING to plant the Corn Cam plot

Probably a similiar scenario to the view on many farms across the Iowa, perhaps minus several inches of snow.  The plan was to plant the Corn Cam plot today with the folks from DMACC and Wyffels Hybrids BUT the soil temp at 4 inches is a whopping 36 degrees, so:

Planter 1

There it sits, tested, ready and waiting until it's fit, which experts say is more important than a date on the calendar:

Planter 2

Well if we can't plant, we can at least practice the lunching process to be ready for the season:

Lunch 1

We all know the tailgate is a multi-use item, and lunch prep certainly fits that description.

Lunch 2

Clearly they are grilling purists, using the charcoal and all.  It certainly is the definition of a 'locally grown' lunch with the burgers coming from the DMACC cattle herd.  More on today's Big Show here:

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