Glass egg hunt underway in Des Moines

(Photo from Des Moines Waterworks Foundation)

(DES MOINES, Iowa)   Hundreds of unusual glass blown, decorative eggs recently appeared at Des Moines Waterworks Park.   The eggs were created by local artist, Jesse Bogenrief of JJ Gaffers, which is housed in Mainframe Studios in Des Moines.     He spoke to WHO Radio News today (Friday) and shared some of the back-ground behind the project.

Bogenrief says Bravo Des Moines, which works to promote the arts, came up with idea, as a way to encourage people to get outdoors and explore Waterworks Park.

He says hundreds of the eggs, in wide range of colors, have been scattered in the north part of park. Bogenrief says some are easy to find, and others are very well hidden, and could take months to find. Another round of glass eggs will be delivered to the area sometime in the future.

Bogenfried is a native of Spencer.  He's a glass artist, and glass blower.  He says when he's working with glasses it reaches temperatures of up to 21-hundred degrees.

His studio in Des Moines is open six days a week, and he says visitors are welcome to watch.  He says they make a lot of things, in addition to eggs, such as dishware, vases, drinking glasses, sculptures, paperweights, and even chandeliers. 

(Photos from JJ Gaffers)

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